How your recruiter can help you negotiate a sweeter deal!

Posted on 04/02/2013 1:43pm

The smartest guys on wall street, the world’s best poker players, sports best coaches and the best negotiators in business all have one thing in common: take in all the facts and then come up with the strategy that best fits the current scenario.  In contract negotiations, one size doesn’t always fit all and knowing how the person across the board room table thinks is critical in these talks.
Imagine going into a contract negotiation knowing:

  • How much flexibility there may be with regards to money?
  • Will coming into an negotiation armed with numbers and data really help?
  • What are other candidates with similar skills being offered by the practice and that specific metro?
  • What are the key metrics that are most important to the practice when it comes to how they compensate employees?

The above are all questions your recruiter will know the answer to.  Some practices with many employees have set salary structures and it can get dicey if a new employee is making more than an existing one, in this case perhaps negotiating a sign bonus or “extra moving expenses” is the way to go.  Point being, the insight you can gain by communicating well with you recruiter can sometimes be the difference in an agreement being reached or not.
Too many times we see great fits negotiate themselves out of ideal opportunities simply because they don’t have all the facts to devise an appropriate negotiating strategy.  You recruiter can give you the insight based on hundreds of conversations with that potential employer.  Your recruiter is also be trained to ask the “uncomfortable” questions without showing your cards.
Ultimately, this is going to be one of the biggest decisions you make in your life, you’ve worked too hard to get to this point, why not be armed with all the facts!