Our Process

iStock 000010123353LargeOnce a candidate has been identified as a viable one, our process is very straightforward. Simply put, we will conform to the process that best fits your organization.

Let us know how involved you’d like us to be. Although we prefer to be as involved as possible, we understand some clients like to “run with the ball” once the introduction is made while others like a more hands on approach. Communicate your preference and we will begin to work seamlessly with your staff.

Why Should You Trust myMDcareers?

Our partners recognized early in their careers that value must be added in order for our firm to have enduring success. Our broad-based knowledge makes us experts in the physician recruiting industry. We provide physician candidates the consultation and information needed to make a decision without any unwanted pressure. Our staff adheres to the highest ethical standard and focuses on making matches that make sense for both parties. We will remove the stress from filling medical positions by working closely to engage qualified professionals from across the country to fill specialized staffing needs.

Screening Process

Our recruiters are trained by industry veterans and understand the right questions to ask while screening a candidate. Furthermore, our staff is proficient in screening an opportunity appropriately to better understand the profile of the candidate that is the right fit for the long term. We will research your community, including schools, houses of worship, airports, culture and potential opportunities for the physician's spouse.

Screening to understand the practice needs: Normal hours, nights, call, procedures performed. financial compensation, benefits, loan repay and practice structure.

Asking the right questions: What do you need to get out of your next opportunity? What’s important to you and your family?

Sourcing Techniques

  • Web Marketing
  • Residency & Fellowship Programs
  • Direct Mail
  • Trade Shows/Conferences
  • Innovative and Creative Methods

We will always deliver above the status quo.

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Please contact us at 561-451-2211 or info@mymdcareers.com.